La FIAC, édition 2013 en images…


Bertrand Lavier – Dino (1993).

Damien Hirst, Rite (2012).

Hans-Peter Feldmann, 34 (approx.) Photographs of Knees (2013).

Louise Bourgeois.

Juan Munoz, 2 Seated on the Wall with Big Chairs (2000).

Wim Delvoye, Shahreza (2012).

Kris Martin, Large Fruited Monthly (2013).

David Adamo, Untitled (The Rite Of Spring), 2008.

Gilbert & George, Machette (2011), Fury (2011).

Doug Aitken, Art (2012).

Eva Kotatkova.

Lucy Mc Kenzie, Apartment Gallery (2013).

Marina Abramovic, Chair for Human Use with Chair for Spirit Use.

Karin Sander, 4 persons (Familie Zeltner, 2008/2013).

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Five Elements.

Gilles Barbier, Plateau aux hamburguers (2013).

Darren Lago, Mickey de Balzac (grand), 2009-2011.

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